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With the excitement of the IAAF Word Championship in October 2019 we would want to show you what it takes to become the very best and build the capacity for your athlete. We know that you are a dedicated coach and committed to reach your full potential. With applying the fundamentals, it is absolutely possible to achieve that Podium Performances. You can't sit around and wait for 2019 to start: YOU have to help your athlete to make it happen. Athletic-Solutions is bringing their high-level international all-event Expert, Ralph Mouchbahani so you can experience training at an international level to change the destiny of your athlete. We are coming together under the theme #StraightInToSuccess. Coach Ralph will show you the essentials and how to reach success in 2019 . These workshops are going to be a game changer for you and we will make sure your athletes can compete with confidence.




This is exactly the product that you need, to create champions for your school or club. In the past you have been struggleling with consistent outcomes for your athletes and we are going to show you how to fix it. We will show you step by step how to prepare your athlete for the next big milestone.


17 & 18 December 2018  = University of the Western Cape

03 & 04 January 2019 =  Stellenbosch University


Cost: R1 500

Email: events@athletic-solutions.com



Workshop 1


In this 2-day workshop we teach you all about the big decisions you have to make as a Coach. How you can enhance performances through science and technology and how to stay injury free. Learning is one thing, now comes the hard part. We will show you how to apply the principles in practise to get results.


15 & 16 December 2018  = University of the Western Cape

22 & 23 December 2018 =  Stellenbosch University


Cost: R1 800

Email: events@athletic-solutions.com



Workshop 2


This 2-day workshop will give you the ins and outs of being a coach for the HP Development athlete. We will show you, how you achieve performances through powerful plans that develop speed and technique while staying injury free. The learnings are loaded with practicals to experience the theory. Since this is a small group environment you get ample opportunity to ask lots of questions and walk away with solutions on those questions you always wanted to ask.


29 & 30 December 2018  = University of the Western Cape

27 & 28 December 2018 =  Stellenbosch University


Cost: R1 800

Email: events@athletic-solutions.com




If you ever wanted to be coached in a live environment where you can immediately find and apply the solution for your problem that is your way in! We will observe, help, guide you and your athlete to develop your success in the international arena. We will lead you through the complexity of delivering when it counts. It is all about achieving optimal performances. This is a 3-day workshop for you, and includes bringing one of your athletes with free of charge.


19 - 21 December 2018 - UWC

Costs: R8 000

Email: events@athletic-solutions.com


Cost: R8 000

Email: events@athletic-solutions.com


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To assist serious coaches and take you from where you are at, to helping you achieve great results for your athletes in 2019. It will be an unique platform where you will be able to get answers on the questions you always wanted to ask an expert. 



These workshops are different. We are disrupting the traditional approach, where coaches receive good content and lectures but with no impact on their coaching. We are all about results. These workshops are interactive and engaging; we are going to show you the How and the Why. Over 2 Days we will coach you for around 8 hours a day and show you step by step the way that will get you and your athlete closer to podium performances; bottom line is we will be your coach for these 2 days, and all you have to do is follow the strategic advice and implement the fundamentals.



Our workshops are presented onsite at the University of the Western Cape stadium as well as the Coertzenburg Stadium in Stellenbosch to accommodate as many coaches possible.  The workshops are delivered over two days, via scheduled sessions and each session varies in length. Some sessions will be theory orientated in a Learning Lab environment and some sessions will be practical sessions on the track or on the field. 





19 - 21st December (Wed-Fri)

R8 000

*UWC only

** This option includes bringing one of your athletes with, to attend the 3 days for free



15 - 16 December  (R1 800) &

29 - 30 December (R1 800) =





22 - 23 December (R1 800) &

27 - 28 December (R1 800) =



* We have 2 programs you can choose from. If you are passionate about learning, you can choose both at a discounted rate of R3 200.



17 - 18 December (UWC)


03 - 04 January 2019 (SUN)

 R1 500





The workshops are small, and intimate for a quality learning experience. Our expert will not only point out errors and bad habits but also provide you with the solutions to learn and set you on your path to success. Smart coaches learn from their mistakes but a genius learns from other coaches' mistakes.  Access to our workshops will allow you to network and meet other amazing and diverse coaches while you are also being able to gain valuable ideas and give insight to help others to grow to new heights. You will not believe how much you will learn and take away from these workshops. Each workshop is designed for your success, learning how to implement strategies, to increase your results and performances and so much more!


Frequently ask questions

Are these workshops like every other seminar?

These workshops are specifically designed with Excellence in mind. We are bringing live coaching to you as a coach where we will analyse and breakdown the different track and field event groups to bring the action to you in a format that you can learn from, but more importantly where you can implement from. The sessions are going to be very practical with lots of interaction, and actively practising what you have learned on the day.

What is the dress code?

Sport Attire. Preferably a track suit and trainers. Jeans and shorts are also welcome

Do I need to bring a Note Book?

Yes. Or your I-pad or Laptop. Like Richard Branson said: "When you hear something interesting write it down. It is really easy to forget what was said" - often in coaching it's the little things that make a critical difference to your athlete.

What content will be taught?

There will be a lot of focus on growing your ability to implement knowledge into practise. Some of the content will probably be the most advanced you have heard, which will explain why you will also see a lot of high end coaches at these workshops.

Does this work for any athlete?

The fundamentals are the same. We have coached sprinters, hurdles, middle distance runners, throwers and jumpers. This absolutely works for any event group athlete.

What if I don't have an athlete currently or I'm new to High Performance? Is this program for me?

Yes, this program is perfect because now you can start out with no preconceived ideas. You will actually have an advantage, because rather than starting out the wrong way, you can do it correctly right from Day 1.

Are food and drinks included in the workshop?

We don't provide snacks or refreshments at the workshop. However, you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.

Do you provide accommodation for my stay during the workshop?

You will be responsible for booking and paying your own accommodation. Air B&B have reasonable rates and options and can be accessed online.





Who is Coach Ralph Mouchbahani?


Ralph Mouchbahani

Master in Lecturing

Ralph, studied sports at the Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln. He has 38 years experience as a Sport Consultant and Expert High Performance Coach. He is co-editor of the IAAF CECS programme and Senior IAAF and DOSB lecturer. Lucas Jacubzyk, Germany's 2nd fastest sprinter,  is currently under his direct coaching. He has build up a reputation,  helping athletes recover from set-back injuries and get them back on track. Anaso Jobodwana, is one of his RSA achievement. His international success stories include podium performers at Championships for, Andrè Bucher (800m), Jean-Claude Rabbath (High Jump), and Swiss Sprinter Mujinga Kabundji.  He brings valuable global experience as a former Technical director in Singapore and National coach of Germany, Switzerland, & Qatar as well as Managing Director for Long Term Development Projects in Lebanon and Zambia 

Event Details

Date & Time

15 Dec - 06 Jan 2019

Day 1 - Registration will begin at 08:00 and the event will start at 08:30 and end at 17:00


University Western Cape and

Coetzenburg Stadium Stellenbosch University




Tel : 083 722 4467


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